24 hours in CLG gaming house

This article was originally posted on r/leagueoflegends on October the 23rd, 2012. At that time, CLG.eu (which is now known as EG) and CLG.na (which consisted by that time in HotshotGG, Chauster, Doublelift, Voyboy and bigfatjiji) were living in the same house. Here is the link of the original submission.

08:28 yellowpete wakes up. He cleans the house, does the laundry, and prepares breakfast for everyone in the house, except Froggen, who is streaming for 39 consecutive hours and hasn’t eaten since then.

08:44 Snoopeh wakes up. He goes to the bathroom, and starts staring at the mirror.

09:15 Chauster opens his AMA and starts answering the 34 428th page of questions. He answers “both l0l” to the question “Tits or ass ?”.

10:04 After a 71st consecutive victory with Lee Sin, Froggen decides he wants to drink some milk. He opens the fridge only to find an empty bottle that Krepo left intentionally here with a note saying “You can’t milk those”. Froggen is pissed and proceeds to DDOS ocelote because of that.

11:18 Doublelift has to go to the bathroom, but doesn’t know if anyone is in here or not. He decides to facecheck it and finds Snoopeh, still staring at the mirror.

11:41 yellowpete starts preparing lunch for everyone in the house. He realizes there’s nothing in CLG.eu’s fridge and checks if there’s something left in CLG.na’s. There is only a partially eaten piece of blue cheese with a note from Krepo saying “Well that tasted purple”.

12:22 HotshotGG is late. He was supposed to wake up three hours ago. He announces his team he will proceed to a rooster change.

13:16 Wickd and Chauster are bored and decide to start playing chess together.

14:19 Mirror breaking sounds are heard in the house. Snoopeh leaves the bathroom.

15:02 HotshotGG enters Voyboy’s room and tells him he is no longer benched. He will go support, while Doublelift will go jungle, Chauster top, Hotshot ad carry, and bigfatlp will stay mid.

15:08 HotshotGG comes back in Voyboy’s room, and tells him he changed his mind. Voyboy is benched again.

15:48 Doublelift receives a text from bigfatlp. It says “Don’t forget we got le scrimz vs CLG.eu in 4 hours. Tell all da peepz in da houz l0l h4h4h4

16:16 yellowpete enters Froggen’s room to see if he needs anything. He finds him blindfolded and in his underwear, practicing his new “Lee-sin dance”.

17:30 After 4 hours without any piece captured by any player, Chauster decides to resign in his chess game against Wickd. He will later state that he was unlucky to get black side, since he only had strategies for white side.

18:14 While playing soloqueue, HotshotGG rages that his Graves keeps getting stomped by enemy Kha’Zix.

18:16 Beginning of the CLG.eu daily team meeting. Today’s theme is “Early-game aggression”.

18:21 End of the CLG.eu daily team meeting.

18:23 HotshotGG realizes he was playing Starcraft 2 the whole time.

20:00 CLG.eu and CLG.na start their scrim together. CLG.na ban Anivia and Lee Sin. Froggen cries and proceeds to DDOS ocelote.

20:08 Wickd takes the first tower of the game after only three minutes. He has no opponent top since Voyboy is benched and Locodoco hasn’t joined CLG.na yet.

20:43 Despite playing 5v4, CLG.eu decides to play cautiously and wait for the very late game. After 40 minutes, the score is 8 – 7 for CLG.eu. Froggen’s Karthus has 722 cs, Krepo’s Leona has 7 kills, and Hotshot’s Mundo just bought his fifth Doran’s shield.

20:51 HotshotGG decides his team needs a roster change, in the middle of the game. He changes places with Chauster.

21:12 CLG.eu gets first inhibitor of the game.

21:54 CLG.eu gets second inhibitor of the game. Actually it’s the same as the first one, which respawned 40 minutes ago.

23:09 Superminions now one-shot any champion.

23:30 The game is interrupted by a crash of NA servers. Every player goes on reddit and starts an AMA, except yellowpete who has some dishes left to wash, and Froggen, who went out in the rain, in order to improve his juking skills by dodging raindrops.