LCS casters walk into a bar...

 This article was originally submitted on r/leagueoflegends on April the 1st, 2013. Well actually it was submitted a few weeks before but there were some problems. Anyway, it's about the LCS casters for EU and NA spring season 2013.

All the casters are at a bar, sitting at a table, waiting to take order.

Jason Kaplan: Isn’t that funny that we’re waiting for the waiter? We kinda are the waiters here. Right guys? Pretty funny heh? Guys?

Phreak: …well…it’s pretty funny yeah…I guess.

Rivington: We’re all here at the Kha Zix bar, waiting for our drinks, don’t go anywhere!

qu1ksh0t: Actually, I thhhhhink I’m gonna go to the bathRoom. Can you take order for me? I will have an alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar.

qu1ksh0t leaves the table.

Deman: Can’t he just say a beer? Anyway what will you guys have? As it stands, I think I will have a cup of tea and raspberry flavoured-beer off the back of that one. 

Jatt: I’m gonna go with the Tequila Sunryze. I think Jason will have that one too. Kobe will have a Gin Fizz. Rivington will go for an orange flavoured-beer, it’s gonna be k. 

Kobe: Ok how did you know that? I’m so happy you guessed what I wanted. God I’m so happy, it’s so great.

Jatt: Well that was just an educated guess. For Joe Miller I think he will have a flavoured-beer too, but I don’t know if it’s peach or …

Joe Miller: … :)


Joe Miller: … :)

Jatt: ?

Joe Miller: Bananas :)

Phreak: I’m gonna try the Trinity Cocktail. Seems to have tons of alcohol.

Kobe: God I’m so happy everyone knows what everyone will drink, this is so great.

Rivington: Orders are completed, waiter is on his way, don’t go anywhere!

The waiters finally arrives and takes the orders. 5 minutes later, the waiter has brought the drinks.

Rivington: Back here at the Kha Zix bar, everyone is ready to drink. If you guys here at the bar wanna see Joe Miller drunk, let me hear you for Joe Miller!

Phreak: …dude you need to stop speaking as if we were casting. Plus, we’re the only ones in the bar.

Deman: Guys do you have some change for the tip? Because I have some, but the question is…is it gonna be enough?

Phreak: Ok, let’s make a bet. The last one to finish his drink will pay for the others. Ok?

Kobe: That is such a good idea, I’m so happy, this is so fun!

Jason Kaplan: Wait…does he pay for the whole drink or just the tip?

Joe Miller: ...just the tip :)

They all try and drink as fast as they can. Phreak gulps down his cocktail, which amazes Deman.


Kobe: God that was so impressive, I feel so happy to witness that! How do you feel?

Phreak: I feel greet lol! Plus, I sooooo not drnk! I could TOTALLY make a champion spotlight right now! Even a shampoo spotlight! LOL DAT’S WHAT IM GONNA DO BITCHES! WELCOME TO DA LEAGUE OF LEGENDS COCKTAIL SPOTLIGHT, FEATURING THE KHAZIX BAR! I DRINK MY COCKTAIL AS A JUGGLER AND I…

Phreak stops and starts running to the bathroom. qu1ksh0t comes back a while after.

qu1ksh0t: I thhhhink, Phreak just thRRew up in the bathRRoom.

Deman: Yeah we’re at Kha Zix bar, he went BLARAGHAHGHAALLAA all over the place!

Jason Kaplan: Holy crap, you could even say that he went all Reginald there.

qu1ksh0t: Anyway, thanks for ordering my alcoholic beverage produced by the saccharification of starch and fermentation of the resulting sugar, did you guys pay?

Deman: We made a bet that the last one to finish his drink would pay for the others. As it stands, you’re gonna have to pay since you have the last glass standing.

qu1ksh0t: Well fair enough then.

Kobe: God I’m so happy I don’t have to pay. I’m also happy Phreak threw up, this is such a great body mechanism!

Jason Kaplan: Well the drinks weren’t that good, but I guess at the Kha Zix bar, you just need to consume and adapt.

Phreak comes back, not feeling well, and gets ready to leave.

Rivington: Well here we are, glasses are empty, Phreak’s stomach is on the bathroom’s floor, casters are now leaving, you can go anywhere.


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  2. Really funny bro!!!!

  3. awesome stuff!

  4. Nailed the impressions, I read everything in their voice.